My name is Jana Uhrich and after my first cup of coffee I'm 100% human.

I went to Marist College where I majored in Digital Media. I grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut where I graduated from Fairfield (Warde) High School. I'm a proud lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of America. These days I live in Seattle where I hear people don't tan, they rust.

I drink a lot of coffee because I do a lot of work and I'm convinced the two have a positive correlation. I do everything I can to do the best work possible for my own company and the company I work for.

I get really excited about art and technology, and I love it when the two work together.

Jana Uhrich

10 Things I Love to Talk About

  1. 1. Macs are Overrated

    Go ahead. Gasp. I'll wait... I don't like designing on a machine that is so different than what people will see it on. I can spot a Mac made site a mile away – light grey Helvetica neue is a dead give away.

  2. 2. Nightime is Better

    I love the cool glow of a code editor at night.

  3. 3. Coffee is Amazing

    The downside of being a night owl is that without a punch to the face of caffeine I'm pretty useless.

  4. 4. Optimisim is Way More Fun Than Pessimisim

    Want someone to commiserate about the inevitable downfall of society with? Keep looking. Unless the client wants their site to look good IE6, in that case you can cry on my shoulder.

  5. 5. Star Trek > Star Wars

    Someone tried to argue that they'd rather live in the Star Wars universe than the Star Trek universe - have you ever even seen a Holodeck?

  6. 6. Your Mac Only Font is Bad

    And you should feel bad.

  7. 7. I Think Language Evolves

    I don't think it's a symbol of the decline of society when someone says "should of." I've literally lost friends over this. And by that I mean figuratively.

If you still want to be friends (or if you would like to tell me how wrong I am) hit me up.

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Some Great Family

Charles, Eva, Cara, William, Enid and Philip Uhrich
The Whitney Family

Some Great Inspirers

Frank Marchese
Kayhan Atamyildiz
Michael Calamusa
Todd Ryan
Jayk Mesler
Frank Lakatos
Brian Bartholomew
Laurie Ulster
Laura Grimm
Neven Armanios
Elizabeth Harrison
Andrea Duffy-Cabana
Claudia Hoffman
Patty Sullivan
Sharon Streger

Some Great Educators

Diane Borque
James Brady
James Da'Costa
Thomas Goldpaugh
Peter Kick
Janice Lavery
Peggy Marry
David Ward
Mary Lou Carlson
Richard Lewis
James Luciana
Danielle Samuelson
Ed Smith
And Many Many More!

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